Inner Wheel is the world’s largest women's voluntary organisation operating in 101 geographical areas.
Although there are now some female Rotarians, men are not admitted to Inner Wheel.  In many countries where it is a male-dominated society, InnerWheel and similar women’s organisations are the only way a woman can make her voice heard.

Who Can Join?

Membership may be taken up by the following, provided that they are over 18 years old.
   • Women related to Rotarians/former Rotarians
   • Women related to Inner Wheel Members/former Inner Wheel members
   • Women who have been invited to join - provided that a majority of the club members agree

Aims and objectives of Inner Wheel

   • To promote true friendship.  Clubs meet regularly and have a full and varied programme including speakers on subjects of interest. By meeting regularly friendships are built and maintained. Each club plans interclub meetings when other clubs are invited to join in the activities and in that way their circle of friends is broadened. 

   To encourage the ideals of personal service.  By working together as friends our clubs have an outstanding record of personal service to the community, some examples are: 

   •  To foster international understanding Clubs support their own choice of overseas charities as well as their District and Association Overseas Service Chairman's chosen charity. Clubs also support the International Inner Wheel service project. Clubs correspond with their link clubs overseas and meet every three years at the International Convention.

What will it cost?

The subscription is set annually by the Club.

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